Located in the Wellness Centre at Masterton Medical. We offer a private room in a safe environment with up to date equipment and ample parking outside the medical centre.

Clinic hours are currently Monday and Wednesday 8.30am - 5pm, and Friday 8.00am - 5pm excluding public holidays.

Our clinic is fully mobile, allowing wax suction in clinic, or other locations such as rest homes, other medical centres, or private home visits.  We use single use consumable equipment. These are then disposed of to minimise the risk of possible infection.  


Micro-suction is now the preferred method of wax removal, and considered best practice. This procedure is performed by a registered nurse using a low-grade suction machine, with a fine, disposable metal vacuum tube. It is safer, quicker, and there is no water involved. The holistic approach and gentle technique removes any pain or discomfort. 


This procedure is generally well-tolerated by people of all ages, and Liz is currently the only qualified nurse offering this service to children in the Wairarapa. 



$25.00 - Consultation and discussion only

$48.00 - Consultation and wax removal (adults)

$35.00 - Consultation and wax removal (children)

$28.40 - ACC Clients

$65.00 - Home visit per patient within a 15km radius. Outside radius by negotiation

Fully funded for Veteran Affairs/War Pension

Rest home fees by negotiation with Clinical Nurse Manager of the facility.


Eftpos or cash payments at time of consultation is required.

How will you benefit?

  • Ear health check 

  • Remove wax or foreign bodies

  • Address mild hearing loss

  • Proven results

  • Accessible clinic times

Why shouldn't I use a cotton bud to clean my ears?



"Liz was AMAZING!! My son had a stone stuck in his ear after a significant accident and boy was it stuck!! She was kind to my son (aged 9) and was really patient. Rather than sending him off for a potential scary local and some time in ED she persevered (30 minutes) and tried various ways to finally extract it, AND true to any boy's heart he got to keep the stone!!!" - Jacqui, 10 Apr 16

"I’m a keen swimmer and diver and never realised the importance of ear health until my ear was completely blocked.  After a visit to Liz I have my full hearing 

back and no excuses for not listening to my partner :)" - Tamati, 15 Jun 16